What to expect/plan for 35's on JLUR?


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I have searched this forum and not found, hence this post.

I have a 2018 JLUR and my stock 33" KO2's are close to replacement time. I have the 2.5" MOPAR lift, stock Rubicon 17" rims.
This is my daily driver and will sometimes flat-tow behind RV. I am not an aggressive off-roader in the Jeep, I burn all of my energy in my RZR Turbo S in SoCal deserts.

When I move to 35" (from stock 33's) any considerations?
  • Speedometer re-calibrate? Requires a TAZER?
  • Will the 5th tire fit OK on stock rear rack w/ camera & brake light? (adjustable?)
I am looking to get the hard-to-find Mickey Thompson Baja AT. If available, can I go with wider widths?

Thanks for any wisdom you can provide!


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When you make the change in tire size you will need to recalibrate your speedo. A Tazer or equivalent programmer will do that for you.
The stock spare tire carrier will handle a 35” no problem. You just need to make sure it’s properly isolated and doesn’t just float or vibrate on the back.


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You'll have to pull the camera cover but tire will fit. It may slightly rub on the rear bumper. Ours does on our Sport but still shuts fine.


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To piggyback on the OP's question, is there any undercarriage work required when going to 35s and a 2 1/2" lift? Meaning driveshaft, control arms, track bar, etc? I came from a JKUR and the handling got funky when it was lifted. I heard the JLURs were better equipped for that and didn't require much until you got a much higher lift and tire set up.

Sorry to hijack the thread but seemed appropriate :)


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I am the OP. I have the Mopar 2.5" lift (dealer installed), but have not yet gone to the 35's as the ones I want are very hard to find (the new Mickey Thompson Baja AT's). I did however, need to install front & rear Track Bars (adjustable) as it had tracking problems after the lift on stock 33" KO's.

Also, pay attention to death wobble JLUR 2018 (2x dealer recalls, 2x heavy duty stabilizer installed to "band aid" the root issue). I will be curious if the added weight/size of the 35's will impact death wobble.

Hoping to take delivery of the tires in the next few weeks....