VIDEO : MOAB - IT STARTS AGAIN / Part 2 - Metal Masher & Poison Spider + CODE 1


With the exception of the mud, yeah, it was a very nice day. :crazyeyes:

Lol. I meant in the fact it didn’t let out on you....[emoji854]

Reminded me a little of my first time out there with you guys. Think that was 3-4 years ago.


Those were still nice days too. Just a little wet/muddy. Ha ha.


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42s are the new 40s.

A fun day. I thought it would be muddier, really just wet. Thanks for coming up with a solution for the stalling issue. That could be tricky. And don’t you hate it when your wife shows you up. :thumb:;)

I dunno, the 42's still looked way too big for my taste. Code 1 looks cool and all but it was far from a real performer and they couldn't even carry a spare. Not knocking the build mind you, just that I'm still not a fan of 42's.

As far as getting shown up by Cindy goes, I'm kinda used to it by now :crazyeyes:


Thank you :)

Great video and great coverage of Code1. On your shifting issue, would manual 2 eliminate the issue as well or just manual 1? Sure is a strange symptom.

I'm pretty sure that just being in manual mode alone prevents the stalling issue. Cindy made the big climb in 2 and I tried it later in the week as well and didn't have any issues.

So Awesome. I was wondering why Ed couldn't make that one climb but the JL made it look so easy.... Gearing, Older Tires.... Or is the Trans & Ratios on the JL that much better? Oh, and High Five to Cindy on showin you up... that was classic.. lol.

There were a number of factors that made things tough for Et. The first of which was that he originally took a slightly different line than me and then was off for every other attempt. The second was his tires - as I know he'll say himself, the Coopers just hook up so much better out in a place like Moab. Third was he was having a hard getting his bump down. As far as Cindy goes, she's as good at they come behind the wheel. :yup:

Looks like a blast! Wish I could have been there.

It would have been great to have you there with us. Maybe next year? I'll plan it :yup:

that was pretty damn cool.

The stinger hang-up brought some flashbacks of the red Jeep that flopped when it got hung up on its stinger.

I'm impressed how well the coopers worked wet and muddy.

once you tapped into manual mode, any more power loss oddities? how high of rpm will 1st gear handle? looks like you were giving it some pretty good 'moab' bumps

The Cooper STT Pros are without question, one of the best tires we've run especially when it comes to hooking up on the trail. You really have to see them side by side with another tire and the difference is clear as day. There was literally a day when Et finally found himself saying, "okay, my next set of tires are going to be Coopers".

Regarding the power loss, shifting into manual mode is the answer to it. Once in 1st, 2nd or even 3rd, it will not stall out. At least, it didn't for me.

Well done video, as usual!

All the times I’ve been to Moab I haven’t yet tried Metal Masher. (My wife doesn’t like what the name implies :). Are there bypasses for the harder ledges?

It's just scary in name only. All the biggest obstacles can be bypassed.

I think we saw you guys on the trail, we were 3 side by sides and a motorcycle near a waterfall
Did you custom build the stingers?
Or can you buy them?

Hey, I remember you guys. We talked for a bit regarding our Jeep and the fact that you were looking to get one. It's great to have you here. :thumb:

As usual you guys put together another great video. It's nice to see the JL getting some real world testing and of course the veiws are awesome in Moab. Thanks again for all your hard work.

Thank you, we really do appreciate it :)

Nice video as always.
Just love the scenery out there.

Sure would be nice to get you out there with us again some day.


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Lol. I meant in the fact it didn’t let out on you....[emoji854]

Reminded me a little of my first time out there with you guys. Think that was 3-4 years ago.

Those were still nice days too. Just a little wet/muddy. Ha ha.

LOL!! Oh yeah, that was a nice day too - just wet and muddy :icon_crazy:


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Great video! Even with a few hiccups I’d say the JL appeared to really perform especially with not to much modification

Oh yeah, even the hiccups were something we could work around. The JL did great aside from it.

Another great video! We need a full picture of all your jeeps beside the JL!

It has been a while and we will have to do another family photo :yup:


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Great video and good times as always... not to mention saving Eddie's ass. Lol!

:rolleyes2: Glad to hear you enjoyed the video at my expense :crazyeyes: :D

I could be wrong but I think I read some where that when you are in 4L, you need to be in manual. I wonder if that's what caused your power loss?

:cheesy: Yeah, you probably read it from ME being that I've been the first person to point out the problem and have been saying what the solution is for quite some time now :crazyeyes:


Another awesome, real life video. Great job Eddie and Cindy!
And I agree, a better driver can get up any obstacle. And Cindy’s one of the best.
On this trail and others we did later, the Coopers stuck better than any I’ve seen. I used to think nittos stuck best, but not after this trip.
I was at 15psi and I think the two JLs were around 20?

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