Turn dial meaning?


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Hello everyone I am new to Jeeps in general and I have purchased a 2018 Jeep Wrangler JL. My question is right next to the turn dial to turn the dashboard lights up or to dim them there is another dial I have zero idea what it does. It doesn’t seem to do anything when I turn it up or down. Does anyone know what it does?

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I don’t think I’ve ever seen them come on. I didn’t see anything light up while I was messing with the dial.

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Look under the dash above the floorboards and / or the drivers pedals. You'll see two square LED lights above each foot well.


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:thinking: I believe it also controls a light in the door handles and in the cup holders. you can set the brightness level with the dial.


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If you have a Sport you don't have the footwells lighting which is why you won't see it. On a Sport it only adjusts the lights in the door pulls.

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On the Ruby, it seems to be the feet lighting, but not the cup holders. Agree with above, once you notice it, you're ambivalent if you want it on your feet all the time.