Multiple check lights


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I have a 2018 JL with 25K miles... I pulled out onto a wet road, I don't believe I ever lost traction, if I did it was minimal. When I look at my instrument cluster the "check 4wd" , "Stability control off" and "ABS" lights were all on. Also, on my message screen it read "4 wheel drive not available at this time ". Can anyone give me some insight on what's going on. Thank you

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Did it go away after you cycled ignition? These JL's have these gremlins. I have seen stuff like that couple times. Probably nothing wrong.


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While you may not have "felt" a loss in traction, there may have been some at one of your wheels and enough for the speed sensor to think you're in a slide. Being that it hasn't gone away, disconnecting the neg lead on your battery for 15 mins should clear it. If it comes back after that, could be a loose connection at one of your speed sensors or even FAD.


So this weekend I had the very same situation. It cleared after I did a DTC clear with tazer mini. It came back twice almost instantly. I went around cheacked wires physically and cleared lasted little longer . Finally fourth attempt worked and 4 hours of wheeling in rain drive back home all good . Not too pleased with the ghost living in the electronics [emoji35][emoji35].

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If it stays on its a faulty wheel speed sensor . I have a 2018 and just had to replace mine with 28 miles left on the warranty lol. Mudding will eff these sensors


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Check to make sure all your fuses are properly seated as well.

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