LOD Front bumper?


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I'm bumper shopping for a LOD Stubby front bumper. What's the differences between the Destroyer and signature?

I'm pretty sure it's the cosmetic look of them. Check out their website:


Seems like the signature series is simpler and smoother whereas the destroyer series is sharper and more rigid. I'm using my own words, but the destroyer series looks more aggressive with some accents whereas the signature series looks rounded and smoother.


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The signature has a clean look. Also helps keep your radiator clear for air flow.

Our plan is Signature front, destroyer rear with tire carrier & destroyer rock sliders.

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IMHO, the minor reduction of air flow to the radiator by a high mounted winch is essentially irrelevant. It's completely irrelevant at low speeds. At high speeds you already have plenty. And there IS a fan after all :) OTOH, I like having the winch drum up where I can see it to make sure the line is wrapped properly.

I'm leaning toward the destroyer rear with carrier and the signature sliders. Though I'm waiting to see PoisonSpyder's Brawler sliders first. I like the clean smooth underside of the Brawler sliders. I'm less concerned about ultimate strength in this particular case given the type of wheeling I typically do.

I should add that I'm happy so far with my Destroyer front. But be sure to get the bash plate that fits underneath it to protect the sway bar disconnect mechanism.

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