Jl weld on sliders=unicorn


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Those do look great. I was just commenting on posting them in a vendors thread is all.
Ah ok, I forgot about that issue. Sorry for that
But to be honest, I cannot understand that these havent been released yet, really not

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Are these ever gonna happen? :idontknow: I don't want to go another manufacturer route but at this point it looks like EVO's aren't happenning....


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Dammit. I'm about to break and order the EVO Bomber Rockers + skins. I can't go through another summer with factory sliders.

ddays v2

I'm giving them until June. If not out by then I'll just order another brand. I really don't want to do that, but for me the weld on's offer a level of confidence that the bolt on one's just can't. :twocents:


There’s other companies out there! Unless for some reason you are really loyal to a certain company!

Look at excessive industries...their sliders look like Evo’s but even beefier from the pictures that I’ve seen. Kinda leaning towards them as well or whiteknuckle sliders in apple valley ca

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