JL JOURNAL : WAYALIFE ACM - JL / JT Under the Hood ARB Air Compressor Mount Install


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I just added a "pacifier" from witts end. It's a really slick way to keep the arb quick disconnect clean.


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Are there any other options for the stainless braided extension hose other than ARB. As mentioned previously, Amazon is out of stock and I can’t seem to locate it online with ARB. I may have to call them. They don’t seem to have a restocking date available on Amazon. I’m definitely going this route though.

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I bought the braided 1m hose extension from Northridge 4x4. Ordered 1/13/20. Was drop shipped from ARB. Arriving 1/31/20.


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Eddie, fantastic video and tutorial AS USUAL!

Do you have any issues with heat coming off of the CAT?

Not in the almost 2 years since I first started testing it out on my JL. It really isn't as close to the cat as you would think and this is the exact location of the plastic windshield washer reservoir on the diesel.