Hard Top Rear Window Leak- 19' JL


New member
This seems like it could be a common issue but I haven't really heard anyone else mention it. If I leave the back of my Jeep on the uphill side of my driveway, I get a leak down the inside of the window. I only noticed it as the rear wiper wasn't cleaning off the drips. I looked at the window for adjusters and I didn't see anything that could be moved to compress the seal better. Anyone else have this problem? Any ideas on how to fix it?


Staff member
Could be something as simple as a rubber seal that's being crimped or tweaked. I would open the glass and give things a closer look.


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I have the same thing in my 18. Seal looks good, not sure how it’s getting in. Thought about some lithium grease or similar right at the top, just haven’t gotten around to doing so. Doesn’t seem like a big enough issue to have it at the dealers for a week to get fixed, if there is one.

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