From here on out be careful where you go. -KASEY MCCLAIN


That dude from Mississippi
Yep Ive been here thinking Im dealing with some of the most worthless pieces of trash in the off-road world and this whole thing is pointless. Not one of you have been MAN enough to say who you are. I don’t know about any of you but if someone asks around hey whose that ol boy on fb/pirate/Jeep forum talking down to them new dudes asking questions”.....or what ever the case may be Ill fucking stand straight up and say it was me KASEY MCCLAIN! Do we have a problem? Did I offend you? Did I mis lead you? Lets figure out what happened so we can fix it!...........but you fucking pussys sit right here behind your keyboard not letting anyone know who you are. And now Eddie has to deal with the aftermath and not ONE of you will be there when it happens. EVERYONE knows who eddy is or eddie(no clue how that pony tail spells his name) but from here on out be careful where you go and who the new guy is coming up to you saying hi, I remember you from that gayalife forum......... happy jeeping #stayonthebackkroads
#dontgetbitchslapped #noworriesitwillbeonvideo

You need psychiatric help. No one has deleted any of your posts. They are all here, so people can decide for themselves. You are quite the keyboard warrior, and a huge hypocrite for accusing others of being what you are. Be a real man, and move along.

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ddays v2

This thread moves from hilarious to sad to downright disturbing. That a grown man has such a raging hard-on for anyone on a JEEP FORUM to the extent you do is beyond me.
The constant threats of violence all the while bitching about this bullying nonsense is totally hypocritical. If you think anyone here is actually afraid of going anywhere because they may run into
the dreaded CASEY MCCLAIN you're kidding yourself.

At this point what in the hell are you trying to accomplish? You sound like a raging idiot, not the other way around.


Pretty sure his goal was to get banned so he could take a screen shot of the Ban message and post it on Woods #driveshafts&pitchforks FB thread... like a trophy of some sort.


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Pretty sure his goal was to get banned so he could take a screen shot of the Ban message and post it on Woods #driveshafts&pitchforks FB thread... like a trophy of some sort.

He was banned for inciting and promoting violence. Not sure if that's something he should be proud of, but whatever, if he wants to throw that around to all his friends, to each their own.


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Don’t care to know the story.

That's the problem. You don't care to know the the story but already made an opinion that the post was 'good.' Since you don't care to know the story, I won't share it with you. But the FACT of the matter was that the Tom Wood Facebook post was a complete lie. And there wasn't drama between the two parties originally. Tom Woods created the drama.


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Holy motherfucking bully’s. I just read through this entire thread and you 4(you know who you are) nut hangers are worthless pieces of trash. I wish I could make you 4 read out loud this entire thread so you can hear from one another how you act. Like little 6 year olds. Jesus eddison get rid of these dudes before they fuck you beyond return.

I'm just a nobody here, but I read through the entire thread, and the nutball I see is the one and only Kaseym.


Still waiting on my hammer? Which pussy is going to slam it down?
1st guess is jotc(whatever that means)
2nd fat piggy(we all know what that means)pretty sure you are just a pubic hair hanging from Mel’s ball sack and can’t ban me. Although I wonder if he even had balls? He blocked on fb(I mean what kind of pussy are you to block someone? I’ll tell you, you’re the kind of pussy that can’t take the heat when shit goes down. You tuck tail, run and hide)
3rd ollyanderson(bet his fb profile picture is a stuffed bear)
4th casgt (must be an ex wannabe in the army) shit just realized you’re only a bitch on here and can’t ban me
5th the one and only pony boy himself

HOLY SHIT... I made the list! Top 5 and everything! Do I get a prize or what...