Wiring in a fuse block in rear 12v port power.


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I have two lights that need to be wired into the rear cargo area of my JL. One is the Oracle Cargo LED Light Which currently plugs into the port power via cigerette lighter style plug. I just added the American adventure labs versa table, which I need to wire in. I was thinking of popping the panels and adding a small fuse box in the middle of port power then wiring the two lights and the dc port. Anyone see any objections to this? It would leave me with a couple additional outputs for further ideas.


don't think the wiring is big enough to handle a fuse box and additional load but I guess it depends on the total power draw to determine wire size. is the total draw/current and fuses you plan to install less than the main box fuse? do you plan to continue using the power port in addition to what's connected to the mini-fuse box?