WIN a DYNATRAC JL Wrangler EnduroSport Lift Kit - TODAY!!

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Looks like a great lift kit

Great lift kit from reviews Imhave seenATTACH=CONFIG]3900[/ATTACH]

Purposefully designed with comfort in mind, the all new 2" EnduroSport lift from Dynatrac may very well be the perfect, entry level kit made for the daily driven Jeep. If you would like a chance at WINNING this awesome new lift kit for your Jeep JL Wrangler, all you have to do is read and follow the simple rules below.

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• You need to include a photo of your JL Wrangler or order sheet.
• The official giveaway date and time will be announced once the lift kits are shipping.
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WIN the DYNATRAC EnduroSport JL Wrangler Lift Kit GIVEAWAY!!

• To claim the prize, the selected member WILL BE REQUIRED to log on to and will have a total of 5 minutes to post a response in the official announcement thread. Once the official announcement thread is created, NO other member will be allowed to post in it except for the member selected to win the prize. IF the selected winner is not present or fails to post a response on the official announcement thread within the 5 minute time frame, a new winner will be selected and announced accordingly. This process will be repeated until a winner is present to claim the prize.
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• There is NO cost and NO minimum post count required in order to enter this giveaway. Manufacturers and vendors may not enter into this giveaway and will not be eligible to win.
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• You MUST be 18 years or older to win.

DYNATRAC 2" EnduroSport JL Wrangler Lift Kit
The Dynatrac EnduroSport™ suspension lift kit is the simplest, most comfortable, and best handling suspension kit that easily fits 35 inch tall tires on all 2018 Jeep Wrangler JL 4x4s. With a simple conversion to higher fender flares, you can fit 37 inch tires on your Sport or Sahara model equipped with this lift kit, and 37s will fit Rubicon models without any other changes.

The EnduroSport™ Suspension System improves the ride quality, handling and stability of the Jeep Wrangler JL. Get the bold off-road looks and capability you want without negatively affecting handling and comfort.

This is a premium suspension system without the need for optional components or upsell to better shocks – this kit comes with everything you’ll need and the best shocks.

What’s included in the Dynatrac EnduroSport™ Suspension System:
• 4 EnduroSport Single Rate Lift Springs
• 4 new coil springs, engineered to deliver comfort and control and manufactured to meet or exceed OE-quality standards. These springs will not sag or fatigue over time.
• 4 new FOX 2.0 Performance Series IFP smooth-body shocks with Dynatrac EnduroSport exclusive valving. These shocks are specifically tuned to Dynatrac springs. These monotube, high-pressure nitrogen shocks feature a 5/8-inch shaft, race-developed high-flow piston and the bodies are made from 6061-T6 aluminum for low weight, highest possible heat dissipation and resist corrosion.
• New laser cut brake line extension brackets are precision formed, allowing customers to retain the factory brake lines and avoid the cost and hassle to bleed the brakes during the suspension system installation.
• New rear swaybar links.
• Jounce-bump extensions with concealed flag nuts, making installation far easier and resulting in a clean, finished appearance.
• The EnduroSport™ suspension system comes securely packed in a re-usable, authentic military, canvas bag.


You can pre-order this lift kit now and find more information about it by clicking on the link below:
DYNATRAC EnduroSport JL Wrangler 2" Lift Kit Information

NOTE: If you order this lift kit and WIN the giveaway, Dynatrac will refund your purchase. :thumb:


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Exact Match!

“Purposefully designed with comfort in mind, the all new 2" EnduroSport lift from Dynatrac may very well be the perfect, entry level kit made for the daily driven Jeep.”
Thank you, for deliberately designing the exact match upgrade/lift kit for my needs. The perfect answer to what I am looking for to lift my new JLUS+ Stingray!!👍


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Awesome lift

Looks like a great lift. I am still waiting for mine but this lift looks like a perfect place to start!


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Would love to add a lift, next project for me!!


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Could definitely use a lift! Got the 315 trail grapplers installed at the dealer (worked in as part of the trade deal), but no lift yet. Still researching and trying to decide. Thanks for the review and giveaway!



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JLU order placed 7-18-18. First things on the agenda will be a moderate lift and bigger tires. Winning the EnduroSport Lift Kit would certainly give me a head start on modifying the JL. First time Wrangler owner, super enthused. Thanks for the consideration! :thumb:



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Nice looking lift

I like the look and it seems like a pretty straight forward install. The video showing the flex of the setup helps to show the usefulness of this kit.

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Perfect kit!

First day bringing the Rubi to the shop...kali cant wait to go for a spin.


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Love My JL!!!A787E1EE-8F6E-43EC-A9D2-F71AC62E9870.jpg
👀 looks like a great kit got some wheels and tires ready for it👍🏼😃
Can’t wait to hook this beast up!!!!
Dynatrac Rulez

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