VIDEO : SEMA 2019 - DAY 3 / Rugged Ridge / Cargo Glide


Meme King
Continuing our coverage of all things Jeep JT Gladiator trucks and JL Wranglers at the 2019 SEMA Show, Cindy and I made our way back into the Off Road hall and to check out the plethora of products that Rugged Ridge is bringing to market. This would include their all new replacement fenders for the JL Wrangler that not only sit a bit taller than what you'd find on a Rubicon but also come with built in high clearance DRL's. Of course, the original DRL lights that they came out with last year for factory trimmed fenders has been improved and should finally be available for sale soon. Last but not least, the elusive bolt on snorkel of theirs was on display again only this time, in its final form and as I'm told, with a part number as it's ready for sale now. Another cool product that we came across and thought you might want to see as well was made by a company called Cargo Glide. Essentially, they make a large flat deck that sits in the bed of your JT Gladiator, extends the full length of it, can carry up to a 1,000 lbs of gear and be slid to a completely out. I should note though that they also make a slide track that hangs from the cross bars of any bed rack and have a roof deck that can be pulled out and tilted down with ease for easier access to all your gear on top. We hope you enjoy.

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