Utah Trip and First Post Hello


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I wanted to use this post to say hello and introduce myself and my Jeep. This is my 3rd Jeep over the past 20yrs, and I have been on a roughly 10yr break since my last one. I joined over here because I have been on some other forums and have noticed the JL sections of those forums are pretty quiet. Here is to hoping for a more active forum.

Anyway, I look forward to getting to know the forum and all of you guys. I have seen some very nice rigs here, and while mine is mainly a pavement warrior I feel I have equipped it nicely enough to handle what I throw at it. Here are a few pictures from our trip this week to the Fish Lake National Forest. This was about as high as the forest roads would let us go without risking it on our own in the snow (which I was not willing to do given we were 13mi from cell service).

WL 1.jpg

WL 2.jpg

Camping #1.jpg

Trout 1.jpg