Upper oil pan gasket?

Hey y’all! Took my 2021 3.6 in for an oil change and when I got it home (and over the weekend) I noticed a drop or 2 of dirty oil under the engine. Took it back in and they think it’s the upper oil pan gasket. The dealer said they’d seen one or two before, but I’d never heard of it. Anyone else had this before? Not stoked because they have to drop the tranny to fix it, but I’m glad I caught it now.


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I haven't seen or heard anything. Glad you found it and are getting it fixed asap. Thanks for sharing

So it sat at the dealer all week, they couldn't get the gasket fast, and there was a HUGE friggin oil puddle under it. Honestly, I don't really think its a 'factory fuck up' even tough they swore up and down that they'd seen it before. I seached around and saw some that made it look like they were bleeding out of the upper valves likely overfilled but I looked and that wasn't mine. I'm just glad to hear other members haven't had a similar issue.

My dealer pulled it off and she's not dripping like the clap anymore! And I got to tool around in the brand new 2022 Grand Cherokee L which was friggin SWEET!


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I just had the rear main seal, clutch, and flywheel in my 2018 JLUR (w/3.6L V6 & 6-spd. manual) replaced. Now I'm leaving small puddles of oil after being parked a few minutes. The shop that did the work said replacing the rear main seal just found a weak spot in the upper oil pan gasket.

Problem is, I got on AllMoparParts.com to order a new gasket and there doesn't seem to be a replacement upper oil pan gasket available. Anybody have an answer?