TPS compatibility


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I purchased a set of Rubicon take offs for my new then 2018 JL Sahara and had to purchase a set of TPS sensors for them. I bought the sensors Eddie had linked, Discount Tire installed them, worked get. Fast forward to now, just traded the 2018 JL Sahara on a 2023 JT Mojave. I replaced the Rubi wheels with the Sahara wheels in the trade. The dealership did the swapping for me. I installed them on the JT drive 15 miles and no TPS signal? Are they different or did the dealer steal the sensors? Either way, I need to get a set of sensors that will work.
BTW the KO2 are much lighter than the Falkens in the same size, my gas mileage was 14.9 for the first tank with the Falkens and is now 17.8 for the KO2's.
My plans are to purchase Nitto Recons 35x11.5x17, they weigh a little less than the Falkens.

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