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I have a 2018 JLUR with 35's , have a 5x10 enclosed trailer that is about 1200 lbs empty .when I picked it up Jeep would not get out of 6 gear (8 speed auto) on the interstate running 65 to 70 . anyone else tow this weight and how does your Jeep do ? beside the gas mileage doesn't bother me I just don't want to trash the transmission.


I have a 2018 JLUsport on 35s and a 1200lb teardrop. Tows great. Depends on wind and incline. I can get into 8th on stock gearing, but it picks the gear that’s best depending on my lead foot. That 8spd is a Godsend. If I’m doing certain hills, I bump into manual and then let off the accel for a sec on shifts. Also, you can watch the trans temp on the display too.