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Hi Guys. I am currently running a Rancho 2” lift with the 9000 shocks on my JLRU. I added a Synergy front drag link, Rancho front track bar and rear track bar relocation bracket. This worked really well with 35’s. I just recently put on 37” Trail Grapplers and want to add a bit more height on the suspension. I am rubbing on the lower arms at full lock. However, I am going to run Spidertrax spacers until I get new wheels this summer.

Am I able to simply replace the Rancho 2” springs with a set of 3” springs and make the necessary adjustments to center the axles and caster? The 9000 Rancho shocks are apparently good up to a 4” lift. Or should I just buy spacers to get the extra height? I’m thinking of going to 3” total lift.

Looking for some suggestions. Thanks
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On the 2” I don’t believe you changed the swaybar links, they would need to be changed out. I am running the 3” on my 2 door but really got 3.5”. Also I would either add adjustments controls arms or add the geo correction brackets and bump stops. Hope this info helps.

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