Sting-Gray Jeepers


Resident Smartass


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I like you guys and hopefully we can get people to download app and start sharing.

It's a shame I can't say that the feeling is mutual.

If it’s ok I would like to be a raging Dick face Like most moderators on here. If that’s ok? Or is there a double standard here since 90% of active users are moderators

If it's okay, I'd rather you just went back to your other forum. I'll even ask as nicely and sincerely as I can - please just leave.


New member
How ironic. I just came back from a nice breakfast and as soon as I opened the app, it's just your smartass trolling and stingray picture :thinking:

Well thank God you’re back because there’s only been three other members active today and they’re all moderators just like you so if you guys could call your moderator buddies we might have some content on this post today

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