spark plugs


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i have 58900 on my JL 2.0 can anyone tell me where the spark plugs are located and if it possible for me to change them myslef


It’s a direct ignition system and a inline engine so under the cowling in center of engine you’ll find a long peice that’s connecting to wire and goes all the way down to the spark plugs. You’ll need an extension for plug .

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Does anyone know the correct gap on spark plugs for the 2.0 turbo

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They used to put that info under the hood. I just checked, it's not there. Checked the owner's manual, not there. Couldn't find shit around the web. I would call your local dealer's parts department. They should know. Also, many manufacturers nowadays will sell the plugs pre-gapped if you buy at the dealership. Don't assume that and always ask, but some do.