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Here's a pic of lake Tahoe from the top of Tamarack Peak in Nevada. I skied this peak last week with my dog. I'm 52 years old. And when I was at the top eating lunch I was patting my own back over the accomplishment. Then some dude comes up and we start talking. He says he going to ski down Tamarack then climb up the next peak then back. Then he mentions that his oldest daughter is only a few years younger than me! This old dude was in amazing shape!

Here is said dog, reading the sign to me, on the top of Mt. Lola in the Tahoe national forest.

And on the PCT behind Mt. Lincoln in the Sugar Bowl Ski Resort.

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Alabama Hills

Did some camping at Alabama Hills.


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Ran up to Fish Lake National Forest in Utah Mon - Thursday this week. Still too much snow to get above 9000ft, set up camp here at about 8500ft. Nice escape to 70* temps from the 105* here in Vegas.