Rubicon incentives.. $1500


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I just checked incentives on edmunds... and they’re showing $1500 on rubicons + $750 on selected inventory(I guess aged units).

Has anyone taken advantage of these deals?



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There is still employee pricing for all available. Just sold a Rubicon to a customer that got 4 k off MSRP

2020 Rubicon
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Not sure of what deals, I bought an Unlimited Sport with a widow sticker of $41,000 and drove it home for a total of $36,000 in May. So there are some deals out there, if the dealership wants to make a sale. Not my first Jeep, but my first Wrangler. I forgot to introduce myself in an previous thread, Hello all I am Jim in Texas


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Hi, got my 2020 Sahara unlimited, May 13 for $40k w/ sticker price of $46K. Employee pricing and first responder incentive, and a dealer bonus incentive.


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I just bought my first Jeep Wrangler & Sticker was $41,000 but I got it for $35,000 with Employee Pricing.

Best part was I didn't pay a penny!!

I won 2020 Toyota Tundra from Seahawks game & was selling it before covid19 hit. Spent 5 months driving it before finding the Jeep I wanted. Didn't want to trade it in but I'm glad things worked out the way they did. I traded Tundra for my Jeep & still got a nice check from the dealer [emoji6][emoji6]-1579923480515.jpeg