Replacing a tire on the trail


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So far this is what I have. Anything else you guys think I need? I’m new to this stuff. I have a JL with 2.5 lift and 37s


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I disagree about the HiLift. We use it frequently and we wheel at least twice every month. Take the stock jack out and simply store it, sell it or throw it away.
I agree about the bottle jack. It is always good to have one with you. I have had to replace failed ball joints on a rocky trail twice. Without the HiLift, it would of been almost impossible. A HiLift does more than jack up a vehicle. You can use it to get out of sticky situation, like if your high sided, or use as a come-a-long, break a tire bead, etc. A HiLift is one of the least expensive things you can buy for a Jeep. The plastic base plate you can get with it is also very useful, I have used it many times. Make sure you buy the right size. I use a 48" and I have 3" lift with 37's on my JL.
I actually welded on extra Drings for jack points. My rear bumper has been removed since the first month I bought the Jeep. So you need jack points to lift the rear.
Best of luck in your journey!!


Oh...don't waste your money on a 'Handle Keeper', real HiLift jacks come with a velcro strap. That is all you need.


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I used my hilift to rip off my tail light while being unconcentrated and two times for getzing unstuck from a tree stump - on my yj at the leaf spring plate

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Does anyone know how much height is needed for 2.5inch lift on 37s to get off ground?

A good 8" of travel before wheel comes off the ground. Like I saide previously I use a 48" HiLift. Next size bigger would be better in some circumstances. Do NOT get any smaller than 48" Jack

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HiLift jacks have a place, but they are damn dangerous if you're not careful. I grew up with those old piece of shit bumper jacks that came on the cars and they could do the same thing. A good bottle jack from Harbor Freight will be much safer. I had a spring perch mount welded on mine so it cradles the axle tube and won't slip off.

This shows how dangerous these can be. Getting clobbered in the head by the handle would be serious pain. Concussion likely.

Bottle Jack. Can't beat this for $40

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