New Lights for the 2018 Jeep JL Wrangler?


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So, according to a new article on Allpar, their sources indicate that the all new 2018 Jeep JL Wrangler will keep traditional round headlights (thank goodness) and they might even be available in an LED or HID option as well. And, for most of us, I think that's great news! That being said, it looks like the new rendering they posted up showing the turn signal lights on the outer fenders is something that we can also expect to see. Apparently, this will be a cost cutting move as it will allow Jeep to use just one assembly for both forward facing and side marker lights.
allpar (1).jpg


Last but not least, I had been hearing rumors for a while that the new JL tail lights will look more like what you see on the Renegades now.

You can see the article here:

As always, I'd love to hear what you guys think about some of the changes we can expect to see on the all new 2018 Jeep JL Wrangler. :yup: