New Jeep! Questionable Suspension?


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Hi All! I just purchased my first jeep. A 2021 JL Wrangler Willys 4 door. I purchased this vehicle lightly used, where someone at the dealership had modified it a little. I did not get a chance to get information on any of the modifications. He said he sent it to one of his 'expert jeep shops' who typically modifies vehicles for them prior to sale. I was wondering if anyone could confirm the suspension setup that it has. This has been modified from stock, and I believe is sitting about 2 inches higher than stock currently with 35 inch Mickey Thompson Baja M/T. I have a new pair of thinner R/T tires that will fair better in the snow on the way now. The ride is a bit harsh, and was interested in improving suspension travel. Here are some pictures of the suspension. I don't think this is really the work of any expert, it looks like an economy spacer lift, and Rubicon shocks. Would changing the springs up help a lot here? what would you advise I do to improve ride quality on trails? My main use is just light trails and camping.

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The Willys comes with Rubicon shocks, so you got a 1.75 or a 2” spacer lift. I ran one for a year on my Sahara and it did great, but I agree it was rough.

Get yer googler and look up “68322798AA control arm”. That is the Mopar part number for longer front lower control arms that come in the Jeep official lift kit. Order 2 and they’re $30 a piece. Dude, it’s is a NIGHT AND DAY difference for $60 and the cost of a front end alignment. This should give you around 4.5-5 degrees of caster on the front axle and will smooth the ride out. Also, go back over every single bolt with a torque wrench to see if any came loose. 1 loose bolt could add some harshness to your ride.


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as stated "The Willy's comes with Rubicon shocks" and SPORT springs. For that extra 1 - 2 inches you may be better off using RUBICON springs and using the aforementioned MOPAR LCA's. I've got the springs sitting on a shelf in my garage and will pick up the LCA's around the holidays. Essentially it will be RUBICON suspension, sport interior, and the added benefit of the MOPAR LCA's.