Lexan windshield cover


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Is anyone working on a protective Lexan cover for our JL/JT Jeeps?
1/16" would work. The trick would be mounting it, and sealing to the windshield. Any unsealed air would cause fog. I don't want to get a new windshield and destroy it the first week driving to work here in Saint Louis. Would it be legal to pull the broken windshield and replace it with a sheet of Lexan?


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Adding a thin sheet of Lexan to the front of your windshield is plausible. The only way I can see to install it is using a process called floating where one adds a mixture of Dawn liquid dish soap mixed with alcohol you only need roughly 10 to 15 drops of Dawn dish soap two a regular bottle of alcohol. Make sure that you really clean your windshield using a cotton detailing rag as a final cleaning solution to your actual windshield. Once your window is perfectly spotless you need to get rid of any lint left behind or it’ll show between the glass and the actual Lexon. The easiest process for that is simply using a power vac making sure that it’s absolutely perfectly clean before you begin blowing air all over your clean window. once You’ve dry fit your Lexan to the front of your window run a piece of blue painters tape the entire length of the window adhering your Lexon to the tape Siri able to move it up and down as if it were attached by a hinge. once you’ve done a dry fit to ensure that everything will install perfectly the next step is to grab your dawn dish soap combine with alcohol and set your sprayer to the finest mist spray available spray down half of your windshield; then release the actual pre-film of your lexon, well the windshield remains wet with the Dawn dishwashing soap and alcohol mixture gently start from the edge and using a squeegee made for this purpose start squeegee and down the Lexan to your actual windshield making sure you get rid of all the bubbles. once you reach the halfway point of the install gently remove the remaining part of the Lexan pre-film spray the remaining portion of your windshield was it dawn dishwashing liquid soap and alcohol mixture gently lay down your Lexan and working from the center out repeat the process by squeegee and out all the bubbles that you can.
any residual bubbles can usually be removed during the next day or two as your windshield actually heats up the alcohol helps dissipate any residual bubbles.
this process takes at least two people to apply the Lexan glass perfectly to one’s windshield if you haven’t done it before meaning if you haven’t installed a large vinyl decal I would call a professional company and have them do it for you. it’s much better to pay as much as $250 for professional company to install a piece of Lexan under your front windshield then use you to experiment end up destroying both do you like son and your window in the process.