JL Rubicon Transfer Case Part Number


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Hi Eddie and everyone on this board,

After replacing our JLU Sport axles with Rubicon axles, now we are thinking of swapping to Rubicon transfer case as well. A couple of questions:
1) Does anyone know the part number for a JL Rubicon transfer case, Rock Trac I assume? My JLU has an auto transmission, 3.6L engine.
2) When I searched car-part.com, I notice there are 3 brands of t-cases. Any differences among the 3?
3) Also car-part.com shows full time t-case versus part time t-case. What is the difference? Does stock JLUR have full time or part time t-case?
4) After replacing the t-case, anything else needs to be changed, e.g. driveshaft? Currently I have Adams front, JLU stock rear driveshafts.

Please advise. Thanks!