JL/JT Rubicon Lockers Problem


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Hi from South Africa,

I am curious to find out if the problem with the stock locker sensors and error message "Service axle locker" on the Rubicon's is a very common issue happening to most JL/JT Rubicon's (Stock or modified).

I do not want to order the Z Locker OEM wiring fix from Z Automotive, as a precautionary, if this is not a common issue on these vehicles. But, although my JL Rubicon is still under warranty (2 years left) do not want to end up with the inconvenience of having to wait for a complete axle swap if my JL Rubicon so happen to have this issue in the near future.

Hope to get some valuable advice, thanks.


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Sensor problems are common. check out xxxxxxxx .the Fiat owned ones . if yours fail under warranty they replace whole diff,if you have re geared you are out of luck .Z automotive has a partial fix .People are potting their own now .

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