Intermittent Radio

Both the radios on our JT and JL will just stop working randomly. Then if we shut off the Jeeps and restart at a later time, it works fine. Its a little annoying but I doubt we'll take them in unless it happens more often.

Describe not working, black screen, no sound? Mine was super annoying cause it wouldn’t stop until it warmed up so I was screwed every morning in the winter.


4 months in and I just experienced this. First sign was it flashed that “camera not available”. After vehicle being off for 30 min and restarted all is fine. Temp pretty steady at about 80deg.

As suggested, I’m going to video it next time it happens.

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Good to hear. I've seen that from time to time on other manufacturers. Cadillac has an issue with their screens right now where the corners crack; looks like a baseball got thrown at it.

Oh yes I have replaced many of them for cracking.


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I had this same problem with my JLUR. The radio kept cutting out every few seconds, particularly when it was around 40F outside and colder. It didn’t seem to happen much at all on warmer days (I live in Texas). Long story short, I took it in a number of times complaining about it, and also had it on video acting up. My dealership rep filed it as a short in the head unit and ordered me another. One of the new guys in the service shop said they were having a lot of jeeps coming in with the same issue. 7 months later (yup, not a typo) my new head unit showed up. Said they had a hard time getting them in because they are apparently in high demand. Seems fine so far, but haven’t had it in cold weather with the new head unit. Time will tell.


Update: Radio started acting up again when it got colder even though I’ve had the head unit replaced. Replaced the back-up camera, no more issues.