Genesis Off-road Dual battery


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I had their dual battery kit in my JKUR. I loved it, and used it to run my ARB fridge while away from home without fear of becoming stranded. I'd love to try their JL system, however I still get spooked by the JL electrical system and the potential to become hoodooed on the trail due to unforeseen complications as a result performing this mod.


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It looks like it would be pretty straight forward but that’s why I asked. I hate the aux battery buried under the pdc and think moving everything up would be simple and easy for future issues but anyone who has it will chime in or I’ll buy it and let you know. It’s a little over $500 so maybe after the warranty is up.

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Not really needed. Everyone I know with dual batteries has some sort of issue.

LOL - So true. Ran a couple different setups on Moby in the past and it's a big part of why I gave up them. A good deep cycle battery is really all I've ever found to need anyway.


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Instead of dual batteries, just a good deep cycle like Eddie said, and carry one of the portable jump start batteries for emergencies.

I have two, and have used one to start my Super Duty diesel, and two, one on each battery, to start 24 volt heavy equipment.