Full width bumper with corners OR...


Hey gang. I need some help and suggestions. I’ve got a 2019 JLU with a 2 1/2 EVO lift, kings, on 37 inch nitto. I’ve got a plastic bumper with factory sensors and tow. Yes still. I’ve had my fill of damn near breaking it off and have already sustained rear corner damage.

I know some of you including the GREAT Host Eddie is either running bumper less or damn damn near nothing.

With that. And since I’m not on 40s or with a higher lift, my concern is still the rear corners. As I’m bumper shopping, steel seems to be a more durable option but “with” or “without” corners? How important protection there? Are Sensors worth keeping? I need to retain the tow hitch.

What’s your take?

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I switched from LOD destroyer shorty rear to CavFab micro rear with Rusty's corner guards. No problems so far. I haven't hit a corner...yet. If you go full width I would go with one that tucks up pretty tight depending on what type of wheeling you do. I was hitting and dragging on stuff. I also switched to shed some weight on the back.


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What I can tell you is that for the most part, hitting the corners isn't really a problem unless you play on really big rocks and even then, most of that can be avoided. I don't know too many people for who this would a problem.