finding hub-centric wheels?

To find hub-centric wheels do I just need to know the JL dimensions and start digging into specs of all these different wheels? Or is there at least a website that offers that specific filter? ... Or at least a few known manufacturers

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I'm running a set of KMC XD231 beadlock wheels and they are hub-centric. They have a center bore of 71.50.


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I'm looking at "Mammoth Boulder Beadlock Style Black Wheels" which should be the same dimensions as Eddie's wheels and while they're not as cool looking they're a lot lighter and cheaper.


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71.50 center bore is what will get you hub centric. Unfortunately, I’ve not seen a filter on most of the sites.

I generally narrow down by size, and lug pattern, then go through and open everything that looks good to me in a new browser tab... then sift through the tabs looking at wheel weight and center bore.

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