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The Falken Wildpeak A/T4W is here at last and the new A/T4W is shaping up to outshine its immensely popular A/T3W in every respect. This includes tread depth, weather protection, and on-and off-road performance.

Previously only available on the Wildpeak R/T and Wildpeak M/T, Falken has introduced their three-ply DURASPEC technology into the A/T4W (available on select sizes). This construction is stiffer and thicker compared to it's 2-ply counterpart, to endure harsh off-road conditions. No matter the terrain, from smooth highways to rough paths, this all-terrain tire will keep you safe and secure. The three-peak mountain snowflake weather indication and weather-focused tread composition and pattern give it the ability to tackle almost any weather condition.

If you've already got your hands on a new set of WildPeak A/T4W tires for your Jeep Wrangler, we'd love for you to share your initial impressions along with a picture or two!


Falken WildPeak A/T4W
UTQG: 600, A/B (SL & XL Load Ranges Only)
Mileage Warranty: 65,000 SL & XL Load Ranges
Mileage Warranty: 60,000 LT Load Range

Falken Wildpeak A/T4W Sizes and Specs | Discount Tire

*While we don't list every tire size online yet, as new internal part numbers are added to our system, they'll automatically appear on the website. If you have a question about a certain size, please let us know.

  • A brand-new rubber tread composition ensures your tires provide long-lasting comfort on the road.
  • Falken introduced their revolutionary 3-ply DURASPEC Sidewall Technology. This technology is only available on certain sizes.
  • The new staggered shoulder blocks and projecting sidewall lettering work together for an extra grip, even on tough conditions.
  • The latest Heat Diffuser technology releases trapped heat from within the tire. This provides even more stability. Whether you're towing or carrying a heavy load.
  • Increased tread stiffness and a sturdy build allow for greater load capacities and tire pressures than A/T3W.
  • The tread pattern is both familiar and amplified. It has 3D Canyon Sipes and a silica-enhanced compound to improve performance and traction in snowy, icy, and rainy weather.


  • LT255/85R-16 LR-C
  • LT285/75R-16 LR-E
  • LT315/75R-16 LR-E
  • LT255/80R-17 LR-E
  • LT285/70R-17 LR-C
  • LT285/70R-17 LR-E
  • LT285/75R-17 LR-C
  • LT285/75R-17 LR-E
  • LT315/70R-17 LR-C
  • 35x11.50R-17 LR-C
  • 35x12.50R-17 LR-E
  • 37x12.50R-17 LR-E
  • LT285/70R-18 LR-C
  • LT285/75R-18 LR-E
  • LT295/70R-18 LR-E
  • LT325/65R-18 LR-D
  • 35x12.50R-18 LR-F
  • 35x12.50R-20 LR-F

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