Easy, affordable upgrades


Ive done only cosmetic upgrades, waiting for more real world review on products before I jump on the bigger ticket items . My first ones were;
Grab handle front and rear
Cargo cubby liner thing
Weather tech floor mats
Mopar roof rack kit
Yakima basket
JL wrangler stinger [emoji6]

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Can you tell me what the cargo cubby liner thing is? Is it for a JLU only? I have the two door. Thanks.


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Hey Guys,looking to purchase some new wheels for my newly purchased tires 35 x 13.5 Maxxis. I would like a 17x 10 or 17 x 11 wheels.... I don’t have a clue where I could find some of those... anybody able to help?
thank You!

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I'm sitting here in my back yard smoking cigar and thinking about my Jeep. Probably like many of you right now, I don't have a ton of free money to play with, but I've got the itch to "mod". So, I'm reviving this thread to see if there are any new good ideas for mods or additions that are easy on the wallet.

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Best cheap mod for a new jeep and jeep owner.....

5 gallons of water
4 person coleman ground tent
food for a weekend
a weekend off
a trip to a fun and scenic offroad trail.
Basic tool kit
Tire repair kit

Repeat often, upgrade things you feel are lacking on said trips.


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I have added the following;

Weather tech rear cargo liner
Door sill guards
Head liner for may hardtop, I really like it
An override module to disable the darn auto stop/start.

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Just like everyone else said, all weather floor mats and grab handles are great cheap mods. Another one would be a flashlight holder, Eddie did a super cool video not too long ago. Haven’t done it myself yet but would be a cheap mod that would come in handy.


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My JLU came with front grab handles and all weather mats....I've gotta find some different cheap mods. I do have a 2.0L oil pan skid plate and fire extinguisher holder on order though.

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Trailer hitch/wiring for Jeeps that don't have them yet. Pretty cheap although not necessarily easy (wiring part).


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If you add the fuel caddy that mounts around/behind the spare do you (a) need the heavy duty door hinge and (b) will standard rear bumper work?


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i have added a
trailer hitch.... usefull if you bike or carry other things
Rubicon sliders..... relatively cheap and good off road protection, plus it looks good
painted tow hooks red..... splash of color adds a lot to looks
rubicon shocks and spring..... tiny lift and better performance