E Wrangler......has anybody got one yet and what thoughts?


It seems we are headed for a non option choice in France (minimal market for Stellantis) of having to buy a E Wrangler (JKU) -77000€ very little options. No diesel or gas engines available or else on dealer stocks (which limits choices for color & options).
Thinking of changing the JK but i'd like a user impression before diving into THAT. (Otherwise i'll go elsewhere to buy a JL but it gets really complicated with taxes and registration....)

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Jeep has not released the E model in the US, just the PHEV model and there aren’t many of them on the lots yet so I don’t think you’ll get much feed back about them.


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I bought the 4xe..the magnito type full electric isnt available in us. That i know of.
As for liking? Its more of love...the mileage in hybrid is spot on 20mpg. But where i live short trips is normal. So ive boughten 8 gallons of gas and drivin 500 miles so far. The 21 to 24 miles i squeeze out of full electric between charges has saved my gas bill.
When test driving to the point of owning for 2 weeks now...yes sir its love..hahaha.

Unreal the power a big 4 door jeep has..my older 4.0 has been awesome over the years. But now its a dog on power compared...