Door Surround Foam Seals


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I have a 2009 Wrangler Unlimited X with the factory soft top. I have noticed that I have a small leak at the front where the top, door and pillar meet. I feel like it is the foam seal and looked online for a replacement. Why are the seals for this year model so expensive !? I found some for $130 but the ones for the years immediately following 2009 are in the $30-50 range! Anyone know why?


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Welcome to JL Wrangler. This forum is primarily for the new JL Wrangler. The folks over at Wayalife may be able to help you out with that question.


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There is a a piece of rubber that the door surround sits in at the windshield. I bet yours is tucked under the door surround which is causing the foam to get wet and get into the cab.

But as WJCO said, check out Wayalife for JK related questions.

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