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This idea has been around for a while and wanted to share my take along with some measurements. My cost was $5 as I had the scrap lumber laying around. To purchase everything would probably be under $50. Materials: 2 - 2 x 4 x 6', 2 - 3/4 X 8" x 6', fastening hardware, and I screws (#104 x 2 1/16. I would have preferred something a little longer). Took less then an hour to complete. I also added mounting points for mirrors and foot pegs.

I cut openings to allow for the door checks. With the current set up, the doors have to be installed facing out from the wall then rotated into the wall. If you want to be able to install from the side, you will need to cut the door check openings bigger to allow the check into the opening then drop down when the hinge pins drop down. Hope that makes sense.



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Nice job. I currently have hangers for my JK doors that I figured will work for the JL, but I never considered the door checks. Pretty sure they'll work even if I just have to push the door checks all the way into the door.

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Yup, seen people do this before and you have done a fine job of making one for yourself :thumb: