Dana spicer rear chromoly axle shafts


That is Spicer for you. I'm sorry you had to deal with it. I will never buy anything from them. Their customer service is non existent. When my stock ball joints on driver side failed, Synergy rebuildable were not available. I bought all four steel Spicers with grease fittings, 1) one of the stems was not completely drilled out, and I didn't notice until I assembled. Cotter key wouldn't go in. 2)Other side, one of the holes was too big for the grease fitting to screw in. Cannot get a hold of anyone at Spicer.
3)To put the nail in their coffin, next time I went wheeling, passenger side lower sheared clean in half where stem goes into steer knuckle bottom.


The sad part is, I waited over 2 months for this driver side rear to arrive. I don’t plan on buying from them anymore. My niece had to return 2 of their diff covers because big parts of the coating were chipped off when they arrived in the mail. I’m seeing the trend and I don’t like being trendy [emoji23].

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Got to installing my driver side rear axle shaft and noticed this crap.View attachment 16646
I also ordered the same shafts rear right and left. The packaging they arrive in is terrible. Both shafts were sticking out the end of the box And looked as if they’ve been drug across every concrete they’ve come in contact with in the delivery process to my house. One shaft arrived with no studs Pressed in and all and the other one 2 of the studs were like yours about half pressed in. After a lengthy return process, the new sets arrived in even worse condition with same shipping issues and stud problems and the new parts weren’t pressed on all the way and Literally wobbled when you would turn the shaft. Dana has lost my business. A bit of QC and a bit of care in packing could have probably solved everything.