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So my new JL is getting its first bath today (not from all the rain [emoji849]). My JK had the regular soft top and it was easy to clean. My JL has the premium top and I’m not sure how to clean it since it is straight up fabric. Any tips would be appreciated

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I had the premium on the JK and the premium on the JL. I don't think I've ever done anything but hose it off while cleaning the rest of the Jeep.


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So long as it's made of vinyl twill, I highly recommend you use vinylex. Available at any auto parts store and you can even buy it by the gallon, so you can take care of all the black plastic around the vehicle, inside and out. I have been using it on my convertible top vehicles and plastics since 2003 (my s2000 that I still currently own) and the top is still nice and black, healthy, and the plastics on all my jeeps have been holding up very well. 303 protectant is a good product as well, but is harder to come by and more expensive, so I recommend vinylex.


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If anything, the Twill fabric top is way easier to clean than the old vinyl tops. As mentioned, I find that hosing it off does a great job all on it's own. Just make sure to clean the windows in the shade and with a clean micro fiber cloth that is a little damp.