Badger JL

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Well, he's finally here. Badger JL. Picked him up this morning and put a couple hundred miles on him already. Got some mud on the tires on a few trails behind my house and a trip through a State Park to christen all the 4WD goodies. :thumb:






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ddays v2

YEAH! Congrats on finally getting it. So what do you think?


These things are awesome. So much different that the JK's in every way. Not that the JK's are bad, these are just new and improved, as a new model should be. My JKU was a Sport to begin with so jumping up to the Rubicon on this one is pretty nice. The interior is really sweet. The 8.4 Nav is spot on, the Alpine speakers are great, man, I love everything about it so far.

One thing that's really striking is that I forgot how much fun driving a stock Jeep is. My JK feels like driving a behemoth compared to the JL

ddays v2

Badger looks great! Congrats!


Hey, congrats. Can’t wait to see it at Dukes’s in the near future.:rock:

Thank you - ironically We drove right past Duke's on our way to McConnells Mills yesterday, which is right up the road from it.

Congrats on the new iron!

Thnaks - appreciate it!

Congrats! Reminds me of myself when I got mine[emoji16]

Mr.Giant - '92 YJ
Giant 2 - '18 JLUR

Thanks! They sure are addictive.