ACM Bracket with ARB compressor: Simple under hood diy bracket for remote access


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I followed Eddie's write-up on installing an ARB compressor with the Wayalife ACM bracket (on my 2019 JLU Rubicon) and it worked great. But I wanted a different under hood mount for the pneumatic quick connect.

Here's the finished product. If you like it, read on.


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Here we go...

What I used:

A had a few Harbor Freight 48" Aluminum rulers (1 5/8" wide) laying around, so I started with that.


Then I used a Harbor Freight metal brake, but a vise and hammer would work just fine. I used some aluminum spacers under the brake so I didn't damage the straight so.


For instructional purposes, I will call the piece of the bracket towards the center of the engine 'A', then main flat center section 'B', and the piece of the bracket towards the inner fender structure 'C'.


**Special note** I started by bending the A-B bend first, then drilling the mounting hole in part A. That enabled me to mount the bracket to an existing threaded hole on an existing stock bracket using a bolt/washer that was an M6-1.0 with 1/2" of threads (more than 3/4" threads would be too long). Once I did that, I could eyeball where to make the B-C bend. I wanted the bracket to clear the A/C lines and mount using the stock bolt holding the A/C lines in place. **Note: Bend A-B was a simple 90 degree and also 90 degrees adjacent to the bracket. Bend B-C ended up being bent at 90 degrees, but it's not 90 degrees adjacent to the bracket. You can tell if you look closely at the pictures. I did this so it would follow the inner structure of the fender wall better.

Part 'A' was 2 5/8" long with a hole drilled 15/16" from the end of the bracket


Part 'B' was 6 1/8" long. I decided to drill my 3/4" hole for the quick couple mount 3 3/4" from the A-B bend.


Part 'C' ended up being 2 3/8" long with a hole drilled 7/16" from the outer edge of the bracket


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What parts do you ACTUALLY need.

Hindsight is a Beotch!!


So...I ordered the ARB Remote Hose Coupling Mount Kit (#1711314 - see above on left), but I really only needed the ARB quick connect coupler jic-04 (part #0740111, see pic below left side) and the 1/4" NPTM to jic-04 adapter (I believe part # 0740101 (comes in packs of 2)). When I ordered the ARB Pump Up Kit (#171302 - scroll down 2 pics), it came with the ARB quick connect coupler (with 1/4" thread NPTM and no way to mount it to a bracket - see below right side).


So...when I ordered the ARB Pump Up Kit (#171302 - see below), I really only ended up using the manifold T fitting (named adapter 1/4" NPT tee with 1 male and 2 female ports. This is the piece Eddie attached directly to the ARB compressor and attached the pressure sensor that comes with the ARB compressor. I believe it's part number is #0740106.

ARB 171302.jpg

Lastly, I ordered the ARB jic-04 Reinforced Hose (1.5 m long) instead of the 1 m long hose that Eddie used. After I mounted my bracket, I ran a 3/8" fuel line from the Quick Connect coupler to the ARB manifold T fitting with the jic-04 adapter (to estimate the needed length of braided line). For me, 1.0 m was a little tight, so I went to the longer line. Yes, it's a little long, but I'd rather have the flex.

Why all these part numbers? So if you decide to build something like I did, you can order less stuff to make it all fit. Yes I have some left over pieces/hoses/fitting, but I have some more things I'm building. My mistake is hopefully your gain.

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The end

After my first test fit.


After installing the Quick Connect Coupler into my bracket and attaching the 1.5 m braided hose line using the jic-04 connections. The jic-04 male to 1/4" NPTM adapter was used to join the hose to the manifold T fitting on the ARB compressor.


I did not use any of the jic-04 90 degree fittings, but had a few leaks on each side of my 1.5 m hose at the jic-04 connections. I did not use teflon tape or over tighten these joints. So I have some Locktite 545 on order and hope that will fix these tiny leaks. Otherwise, everything works well. I hope my mistakes will help someone else down the road. I like having the Quick Connector for the air hose up front and protected under the hood. My next project will be building an inflation/deflation system for all 4 tires. Like this link on YouTube.