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Just wanted to say I must have the worst luck with the new 8.4. This is my first long trip with my JLUR and the 8.4 radio has started acting as stupid as the one I had in the first JLR. I’ve put about 1500 miles on it during this trip and have experienced freezing up, loud buzzing sound ... like the only sound was that and no volume adjustment, no mode changes just that irritating sound. Pulled over and shut the Jeep off but no help..it finally just stopped and the radio started working normally again. CarPlay works then disconnects from the phone I reseat the cable and it comes back , annoying when using waze to navigate. Then yesterday on a short trip of like 10 miles no audio, no navigation instructions no XM even pressing on the voice activation nothing. Got back in the Jeep after dinner and works normal. I’m trying to figure a pattern to this so I can duplicate it for service but I’m stuck with another flaky radio until I get back to my home dealer or it just craps out. Odometer just rolled 5k ... On another note I was in -11 snow and ice driving and have not experienced the steering issues some have mentioned and no freezing up of the headlights or snow buildup yet (LEDs). More to come I’m headed up to Baltimore this weekend so more cold weather and more miles for the radio to act up. I think on the next few legs of my trip I’m going to have to GoPro the radio acting up instead of the road trip. Anyone experiencing any of this please share..,

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Good luck! My radio cuts out every 3 to 5 seconds for about a second then comes back on. This happens intermittently so when I take it to service while it is not happening, the scan showed no code. When it is scanned when radio not working they get a code "lost radio connection" but they don't know how to fix it.

I've been to service 4 times with no hot on sight of getting it fixed. Jeep is stumped.

I hope you have better luck than me getting yours fixed!

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