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Thread: WAYALIFE MOAB EJS 2018 - An All NEW Pilgrimage to the Promised Land

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    WAYALIFE MOAB EJS 2018 - An All NEW Pilgrimage to the Promised Land

    As much fun as Cindy and I always have making our annual trek out to the promised land, I'd have to be honest and say that over the years, the excitement of wheeling in a place like Moab had lost some of its luster. I mean, we've been going out there for years and at times, multiple times in a year and being that both Moby and Rubicat are so built up and highly capable, our trips started to feel predictable and more like visiting family over the holidays than anything. Enjoyable for sure but kind of routine. Of course, that all changed this year especially being we now have JET Li, our brand new Jeep JL Wrangler Rubicon and with the exception of an 2.5" budget boost and 37" tires, he's still pretty much bone stock. This time around, we actually felt nervous about going and genuinely excited to test this Jeep out in one of the off-roading meccas of the world. Unfortunately, we spent most of our time filming our trip and so we weren't able to take as many photos as we would have preferred but, here are a few that highlight some of the fun we had. We hope you enjoy.

    The Long Trek to Moab
    After hustling like mad to get our new LoD Destroyer Shorty Front Bumper and WARN Zeon 10s winch installed, we finished packing up JET Li and started making our way across the U.S. Highway 50, also known as the "Loneliest Highway" and for a good reason.

    Unfortunately, we got a late start and the storm we were trying to outrun was hot on our tail.

    By the time we got to Austin, the white stuff was coming down hard.

    Fortunately, the system stalled out over the Toiyabe's and so we made a stop to let Tessa out for a bit.

    A far cry from Vegas but it's always nice to see the old school lights of Ely.

    Ahhh, home for the night at the historic Hotel Nevada.

    Time for some wine and fine dining in cell #8 over at the Jailhouse.

    I think I need me one of these or something like it


    And finally, a little something to wash it all down - CHEERS!

    Heading out bright and early the following morning with Moab as our final destination.

    Hello Utah!

    Surprisingly, even with 37" tires and crossing over mountain range after mountain range doing 70-80 MPH, we still seemed to be managing about 14.6 MPG.

    Taking a break to stretch and enjoy the sun.

    We may have been able to make it all the way to Green River, we decided to top off in Salina and wait for our friends who, as luck would have it, were just minutes away.

    While the play was to meet up with everyone in Moab, it was great to hook up with Et and Michelle (in the red JK) and Tony and Steph (in Bruce Leroy - the white JL with black fenders) early and make the final drive into town together.

    The final stretch.

    Gotta love driving a Jeep that can do the speed limit.

    And there it is - the promised land.

    Our home away from home.

    Tessa already making herself at home.

    Unpacking essential supplies.

    Et wasted no time getting out his meat and rubbing it.

    To good times ahead with all our good friends - CHEERS!

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    MOAB DAY 1 : Gold Bar Rim
    For our very first run out in Moab, Cindy and I wanted to run a trail that was scenic but also one that had a few challenges to help shake things down on JET Li. We especially wanted to test out our rear stinger and see how our tailgate would hold up the super heavy 37" tire that we have mounted on it. Needless to say, we decided to do a run up one of our favorite trails in Moab and that would be, Gold Bar Rim.

    After a leisurely morning which included a homemade breakfast compliments of Et and Michelle, we made our way out to the staging area and began airing down our tires.

    It was a bummer that it was so cold and gray out but at least it wasn't raining and that made the drive up the long shelf road easier.

    Up on top of the mesa, we finally made it to the Gold Bar Rim trailhead.

    Tony taking his JL up the very first babysteps in Moab.

    Et happy to follow his lead and take things easy for now. After all, it is only our first day.

    Time to ramp thing up a bit.

    If nothing else, the cloudy skies made for dramatic views.

    Pressing on to more fun ahead.

    Always a ton of fun dropping off of Slide Rock.

    Tony getting ready to make his drop.

    Et making his touch down.

    Continuing on our way to the lookout.

    The end of the road.

    Never get tired of the views from up here.

    Backing down from the overlook can be tricky but fortunately, we have new technology to help us out.

    Just for fun, we decided to continue along on the Golden Spike Trail and head out to the Golden Crack.

    Oh yeah, time to get us some crack!

    Tony diving into get him some crack too.

    And giving a nice big high 5 on his way out.

    Running EVO bolt on coilovers, Et was able to take a steeper line and still keep all four on the floor.

    3 amigos posing for an epic shot.

    In spite of all the fun we were having, it was time to head back and start thinking about dinner.

    Trying to work his way back up slide rock, Tony encountered something strange with his engine or transmission or both and one that almost prevented him from making the climb. As he was trying to bump his way up the obstacle, his motor cut out or maybe it was his transmission tried shifting gear but whatever it was, that stopped him in his tracks and left him rolling back down. We later determined that will occur IF you are not in M-gate/manual shift mode.

    Everyone all back down safe and mostly sound.

    I say mostly sound because it was at this time that Cindy and I noticed a small scuff in our passenger side rear quarter panel. Apparently, dragging the rear bumper through the Golden Crack caused it to push up into the body and cause this damage. Granted, it is minor but still kind lame that a bumper designed to protect your Jeep actually caused this.

    I should note that the bumper was still cock-eyed after the fact.

    Another bummer for me anyway is that I put on the very first scratches on JET Li's new wheels as well.

    Back at the house, Et started cooking up some steaks.

    Oh yeah!

    To an awesome first day out in Moab - CHEERS!

    Before calling it a night, I got a call from my good friend Jim, the owner of Dynatrac and he invited us over to catch up on things and to see Code 1.

    Perhaps one of the coolest features on the build.

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    MOAB DAY 2 : Metal Masher
    Thanks to a heavy down pouring of hail and rain and filled with lightning and thunder, our second day out in Moab started off a bit later than we had hoped for. But, the storm did eventually pass or for the most part anyway and as soon as it did, we headed out to run yet another one of our favorite trails, Metal Masher.

    Still a bit wet out but nowhere near what it was earlier in the morning.

    It didn't take much time to get our relatively clean Jeeps covered in Moab muddy red.

    Working our way up the trail with vernal pools filled with water everywhere.

    One of the first big optional obstacles on Metal Masher is this pretty tall ledge. After a couple of failed attempts by yours truly, Cindy took the wheel and killed it.

    This is the top side of a big slickrock obstacle that's steep enough to catch your spare and be a tailgate buster. I've personally seen it happen many times in the past and because of it, I was grateful that we had a stinger installed... well, all the way up to the point where our stinger hung me up with the rear tires off the ground. Sadly, I had to get pulled up.

    Up on top of the overlook and enjoying the view.

    Off the trail and getting ready to hit another.

    MOAB DAY 2 : Poison Spider Mesa
    Even before we got off of Metal Masher, I got a call from my friend Jim and it was to ask if we'd like to join him on a Dynatrac photo shoot. As we would come to find, they were going up Poison Spider Mesa get shots of Code 1 and so that's where we headed of to next.

    As luck would have it, we pulled up to the staging area just as Dynatrac was about to head up the trail.

    Hard to believe there could be so much water still hanging around from the morning storm.

    A few shots of Code 1 heading up high five hill.

    As we were working our way up the trail, we ran into Mark Allen and his platoon of Jeep Designers driving old concept Jeeps coming back down.

    Needless to say, we spent some time catching up with old friends.

    Turns out they got caught in the morning storm and had waited it out before working their way off the trail.

    After saying our goodbyes, we continued on our way.

    And, that's when it decided to start raining on us again.

    But, about as quickly as the rains came, they left once again and left behind some epic clouds.

    Here's Code 1 Working its way into the Wedgy.

    While Dynatrac was setting up for another shot, we decided to have some fun in the Wedgy too.

    Tony heading in.

    Running a set of EVO bolt-on coilovers, Et was able to get some big flex.

    Confidence to Explore!

    And finally, a series of Code 1 shots looking just awesome.

    After another great day out in Moab with great friends - CHEERS!

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    MOAB DAY 3 : Behind the Rocks
    For our 3rd day in Moab, Cindy and I decided to take our friends out on a trail we love and as it turned out, one that none of them had run before, Behind the Rocks. Being that this would be their first time and really, ours as well in our new JL Wrangler, we would be bypassing some of the bigger obstacles like High Dive and White Knuckle but would otherwise do most everything else.

    As silly as it may seem to some, we decided to make a quick stop over at the car wash before heading out. Nothing better than to start off clean.

    Heading out to the trailhead.

    And just like that, we were back on dirt again.

    Cindy watching her step as she took big steps.

    The bypass around Highdive will still get you twisted up.

    Cindy having some fun on Upchuck.

    Et getting into it.

    Tony making his climb.

    Moving on.

    Stopping for lunch at a cool cave near the Picture Frame Arch.

    Such a lovely framed view.

    Driving past the arch.

    Tony carefully climbing his way up Hummer Hill.

    After an initial fright that involved sliding back down Hummer Hill, Et was able to climb his way up to the top.

    How can you not pose for a shot in a place like this.

    Bypassing White Knuckle Hill, we made our way back off the trail.

    To even more good times with good friends - CHEERS!

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    MOAB DAY 3 : Lockhart Basin
    Of all the trails in Moab, there had always been one that Cindy and I had been meaning to do but had never gotten around to doing and mainly because of how long it is. Being that Et and Michelle had to go home early, we talked to Tony and Steph about maybe running it on our 3rd day in Moab and before we knew it, we on our way to Lockhart Basin. Having never run the trail before, we decided to work our way down to the southern end of the trail, down by Canyonlands and work our way north back to Moab. In hindsight, starting from the North and heading south would have been more fun but, there's always next time. Anyway, here are a few pics from our trip.

    Heading down to Canyonlands and to the point where we would be starting the trail.

    Just off the highway, the trail is surrounded by cool rock formations and tons of great camp spots.

    For the most part, the Lockhart Basin trail is long... very long but easy and scenic. There is a point where you can take a one way in and one way out 12 mile round trip detour that takes you out to the Colorado River and we decided to take it.

    Unfortunately, about a half mile to the end, the trail was washed out.

    While we may have been able to drop into the steep and deep washout, getting back out seemed sketchy and we saw no evidence of tire tracks on the other side. Needless to say, we decided to play it safe and turned around.

    Continuing our way north, we got close to some steep cliff walls.

    Higher up along the cliff walls and with amazing views.

    Pressing on.

    Taking a break to do a little stretching.

    This place sure has a way of making you feel small.

    All the rock formations are just so much fun to look at.

    And these guys were just way too cool.

    The closer we got to Moab and the Colorado River, the rougher the trail got.

    This would be a lot more fun to climb. Here's Steph making short work of these rocks.

    Super pretty in this canyon.

    Out of the canyon and parked along side the Colorado River.

    To a very long but fun day out on the trail - CHEERS!

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    MOAB DAY 4 : Top of the World
    I can't say that there's anything really special about Top of the World or at least, in terms of wheeling. In fact, during EJS, I find that the trail is crazy congested with Jeeps and more time is spent waiting around than anything. Still, the views from the top are outstanding and how can you not want to get a shot of your Jeep sitting on a diving board like rock extending out from a steep cliff? Needless to say, this was a must run trail for us and that's how we started our 4th day in Moab.

    Driving along the Colorado River and heading out to the Top of the World trailhead.

    Being that most of our day was spent filming when we weren't waiting in a long line of Jeeps, we really weren't able to grab too many pic of our Jeeps out on the trail. But, here's one.

    Our whole purpose for coming out here - to do this!

    Of course, no trip to the Top of the World is complete without taking a pic of us sitting right on the edge of it!

    Here's a shot of Tony and Steph. I have to say that I was surprised to see him stand this close to the edge.

    Heading back to town, we got a call from Mel and as luck would have it, he just got into town and was looking to do a shakedown run of his newly built up JL. As you can guess, that's were we were off to next.

    MOAB DAY 4 : EVO Shakedown Run on the Pickle
    It was secret that EVO had been working hard to develop a host of new products for the all new Jeep JL Wrangler and that they were planning to have it installed on their JL by EJS but up until this day, I don't know if anyone really knew what all they would have to show. Fortunately for us, we would get the privilege of getting a first look at all of it and out on the trail where we could also see for ourselves, just how well it all worked.

    Can you say 15.5" of bolt-on coilover awesomeness!!

    Badass high clearance long arms and newly designed rocker guards.

    No snagging control arm mounts here.

    Massing flex!!

    Of course, what's big flex if it can't jam across the desert too.

    MOAB DAY 6 : EVO Triple Threat Run
    Sadly, Tony and Steph had to leave us on our 5th day in Moab and we ended up spending the day checking out some of the concept Jeeps over at the Jeep display and then spent the rest of the day working on a JL JOURNAL video. However, on our 6th and final day in Moab, we were lucky enough to join EVO on their Golden Spike run but as most of you know, that sits in between Poison Spider Mesa and Gold Bar Rim. And, as you can guess, that turned into an all day run across Triple Threat. Again, I apologize for the lack of photos as most of the day was spent filming. I hope you'll check back once we have a video to present to you.

    As is the case on any day during the Easter Jeep Safari, the trails were jam packed with Jeeps and a lot of our time was spent standing around and waiting.

    Working our way up the Golden Spike Trail.

    Couldn't ask for a better place to enjoy a fried chicken lunch compliments of KMC.

    A big shout out has to go to our good friend Scott who was KILLING the trail in this bone stock JL Wrangler Rubicon.

    Amazing views can always be found along this trail.

    Here you can see Duke backseat driving Mel through the Golden Crack.

    Scott came out to Moab with his co-worker Jenna. This was her first time out and here she is rockin it through the crack!

    I have to give a nod to Harris who was wheeling the whole trail in his badass J20 with a factory 360!

    Heading down the Gold Bar Rim.

    Or, at least trying to. Hit a MASSIVE traffic jam on our way out.

    A line of Jeeps as far as the eye can see.

    Beyond Slide Rock, things finally cleared up for us.

    By the time we got off the trail, had dinner and said our goodbyes to everyone, it was close to 11pm. Being that we had nowhere to stay, we decided to drive all night until we arrived back in Carson City. Taking quick 10-15 minute naps every 100 miles or so, we finally arrived at home at about 2pm our time. Here's a shot of us crossing into Nevada at around 5am.

    As you can see, we racked up almost 2,000 miles round trip on JET Li and averaged about 14.5 MPG - I should note, this is with all the low range wheeling we did and driving around town with aired down 37" tires.

    And, that in a nutshell was how our trek to the Promised Land and in our brand new Jeep JL Wrangler Rubicon Unlimited went. I hope you enjoyed the highlights and hope you'll check back once we have videos of all this posted up.

    A BIG THANKS needs to go out to Tony and Steph and Et and Michelle for helping to make this trip so much fun. Love you guys.

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    I cannot wait to go to moab next year.

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    Wow... So many great Shots and Descriptions... Looks like you had a blast and Jet Li did great. Can't wait to see the video! Thanks for sharing!

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    Quote Originally Posted by tallguy26 View Post
    I cannot wait to go to moab next year.
    You'll love it out there

    Quote Originally Posted by TrailHunter View Post
    Wow... So many great Shots and Descriptions... Looks like you had a blast and Jet Li did great. Can't wait to see the video! Thanks for sharing!
    Thanks! Glad you liked the pics and yes, JET Li did surprisingly well out there.

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    Awesome photos and story. Love this shot:


    By the way, what's this green thing in the back of Jim's Jeep?


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