Let me start by saying the dead pedal in my JK was a game changer for me in terms of comfort while driving. I knew I wanted one for my JL when they became available. So, I picked up a dead pedal Thursday, 3/29, from the guys at MORE at the EJS vendor expo. I just put it in this morning and since they said mine was the first one theyíve sold I thought Iíd share some pics and thoughts of the install and quality.

Let me start by saying I donít have any unboxing pictures. Deciding to document this wasnít a thought until I was already in the Jeep and the box was in recycling. However, here is a pic of the label from the box, lol:

Itís a pretty simple install so Iím not going to go into a ton of details on every step. It uses factory holes on some framing above the kick panel:

MORE supplies a backing plate with a couple of bolts welded on that slide through the rear most holes.

A larger plate, which the pedal actually mounts to, is then attached via the backing plate bolts and supplied washers and nuts. But first, the pedal needs to be installed onto the plate. There are three possible positions. I chose the furthest position back for a couple of reasons - first, it seemed like a food spot; second, it provided the easiest access to the two nuts that secure the pedal/plate to the backing plate.

The pedal attaches to the larger plate with one bolt/nut and uses a couple of tabs to provide stability. You can see the horizontal tab openings and the single holes in the plate in this picture. I have already attached the pedal to the third (furthest back) position.

With the pedal attached, you simply put the bolts from the backing plate into the holes in the larger front plate and secure using the washers and nuts provided.

Here it is installed:

Thoughts and notes: it was a bitch for me to contort myself in a way that let me see where to put the backing plate, etc. I finally gave up seeing anything and just felt my way around - which still was a bit awkward. Now that it is in it is pretty solid. There is the smallest amount of wiggle (forward to back) in the pedal. I think this might be a result of the single bolt/two tab design of securing the pedal to the bracket. Overall, this seems like it will work just fine for its intended purpose, but I am slightly worried that long term there might be an issue with the movement getting worse.

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