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Thread: 2018 DynoMax exhaust rebate is here!!!

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    2018 DynoMax exhaust rebate is here!!!

    Our 2018 rebate on our exhaust systems has arrived!!!
    Check with your favorite retailer on getting one for your Jeep!
    Get the sound and performance for your rig!

    Some hints

    Carefully review all Terms and Conditions on the back of the rebate form.
    Check that each product purchased is listed in the “Qualifying Products / Series” section on the back of the rebate form.
    Fill out each rebate form completely before mailing. Do not submit a rebate form with fields left blank.
    Include all documentation requested on the rebate form, including a completed rebate form and authentic dated sales receipt. (If products were purchased online, please also include the UPC symbols cut from the packaging of all qualifying products.) Rebates will not be processed without supporting documentation.
    Follow posted promotion and postmark dates. Submissions must be postmarked by August 31, 2018. Early or late submissions will not be accepted.
    Make a copy of everything for your records

    Link with all the info!
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    Nice. Thank you.

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    Dang it!! Posted in the wrong section. Can you move it to DynoMax's section?

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