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Thread: Radio Glitch

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    Radio Glitch

    So I've had this hiccup 2x now...
    My 18 JLU rubi has the 8.5 inch radio/nav unit. Simply driving along listening to the radio/streaming music and it's like the head unit has a brain fart and reboots just likr at startup. Had anyone else seen this or do yall know what the cause is.

    (And my back up battery was just changed at my 20k service)

    Thanks in advance.

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    Radio Glitch

    I have 2019 with all kinds of electrical issues. Right now, my radio won't even play. No Bluetooth, no car play... NOTHING!

    Jeep really needs to fix these radio issues. Lots of people have issues with Jeep radios.

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    My nav got stuck going in circles in Idaho after returning from a trip. Took it to dealer. Took them 2 weeks. Ended up replacing antenna, wiring, and entire radio/nav unit. Thatís what Iíd said suggest if youíre still under warranty.

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