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Thread: 2019 JLUR Hard Top Paint Issue

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sea Serpent View Post
    If that was all mine had I may have just lived with it too. It must have been a run of hard tops with this issue then. Need to compare build dates. Also, to be accurate, mine also had a larger thin paint area in the rear window recess that the dealership body shop attempted to repaint with flat black and it looks worse to me than before they touched it. Pictures are unable to pick up the difference in paint color and texture. This touch up occurred at the same time they were repairing the bubbling paint on my right rear door at the hinges. You should look there for any paint issues too. Anyway, I'm still waiting on word from my dealer for their plan of action. Since they botched an attempt to hide a paint issue, maybe it wont be too hard to get an approval for a new top.
    I'll look at our doors too. Ours was built July of this year.

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    Mine was built April of 2019. Looks like this issue includes at least two model years.

    Still no word from my dealer on a plan of action. I may need to become a pest lol.

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