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Thread: 2018 JL LoD Destroyer Series

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    Quote Originally Posted by LoD Offroad View Post
    Thank you for your interest! I'll stick to the same format to answer your questions

    1. We do not have a Rubicon so unfortunately it's tailored more for the Sport model. You will have to live with the gaps, or just replace the fenders with ours when they come out
    2. We will not be offering a stinger for the fullwidths unfortunately.
    3. The Destroyer Sliders for the JL will be frame mounted like the Signature, so have no fears!
    4. We do want to make a roof rack, but it's probably at least a half year away in the future realistically. So while we will get there eventually, right now we only have the JK rack.
    Thanks so much for the reply...this is great news on the Destroyer sliders being frame mounted! I really like the look of these as they look more like a boatside style slider (maybe make it look even more like a boatside for the JL?), they appear to look beefier, and the steps look very functional. I am still waiting for my Jeep to be built, so hopefully these will be ready to ship in a couple months!

    Thanks so much, keep up the great work!


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    Any pictures of your shorty without the optional skid plate?

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    How wide are the sliders? Wondering if they have an adequate step "meat" for my wife and kids to use.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cwilliamson914 View Post
    Will the stock LED fog lights fit into these bumpers?

    Quote Originally Posted by LoD Offroad View Post
    Not currently, but we are working on it!
    Any progress on making the stock LED fogs fit?
    2018 JLUR Granite, 3.6L auto, all the goodies; ARB "Quad" on-board air, Cooper STT Pro 37x13.5R17, Pro Comp Predator 17x8.5 wheels, Rubicon Express 2.5" lift, King remote res shocks, aFe Rock Basher exhaust, LoD Destroyer stubby front bumper, Warn Zeon 10-S, more LED lights; more to come...

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