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Thread: PSC hydro assist help

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    PSC hydro assist help

    I recently installed the PSC steering and everything is working pretty good on the street. I ran some tests to check for clearances and ran into an issue where the pitman arm would hit the stock rubicon sway front sway bar when the front driver was at full droop and turned hard left.

    My question, is how can i resolve this issue? I am not too familiar with how the stock clock spring works on the JL. Is it possible to just shorten the drag link till the steering wheel makes a complete 360 or will that cause issues all the electronics? If that is an issue would i then just need to unbolt it from the box and rotate the steering wheel a complete 360 degrees? I cant move the pitman arm on the steering box since it is keyed in one way.

    I was hoping not to have to run manual disconnects on the end links or going to an antirock. Thanks

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    Did you figure this out?

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    Safe to assume you're running a taller lift? Did you make sure to install an adjustable track bar and if so, is it adjusted correctly? Even if it is, could be that your sway bar has just shifted over due to flexing out on the trail. You can just move it back over or purposefully adjust your track bar to help prevent this.

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