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Thread: Doing a hard wire dash cam install..

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    Doing a hard wire dash cam install..

    Hello Jeepers...

    I just join this forum a couple of days ago and bought my 1st Jeep ever this year 2019 JL. Very excited about upgrades and by far, going out on adventures with my Jeep.

    I'm wanting to do a hardwire dashcam install to my JL. Oh, it's a sport 2dr. JL... I would like a fuse box or tie in somewhere inside for power, but not power all the time. Just when Jeep is on. I have a dashcam and all the wiring for this install. Just seeing if anyone has done this yet and there thoughts on this install... I would like a little direction if possible also.

    Thank You, Aaron

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    Well that is all up to where you are going to install dashcam. I have mine up behind my review mirror, as I do not really want to see the screen. I purchased a hard wire harness and wired it into the power wires inside my review mirror and it comes on with my ignition.

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    Well since you have a sport you probably don't have the fancy mirror with power wires going to it. It's a bit of a pain, but you can snake your wire across to the grab handle inside the plastic overhead trim. Remove the grab handle (comes off with two bolts) to run down the a pillar. Then across behind the dash (removing the cluster and top dash pad helps) and over to the accessory port and splice in there as that only gets power when the key is on or in run. Or you could pop out under the dash and run up in front to the power port and plug in.

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    I installed my knockoff Go-Pro which has a dash cam mode. I spliced into the cigarette lighter wires to get the power. It turns on and off with the ignition.

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