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Thread: Tire width and fenders

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    Tire width and fenders

    It's illegal where I live to have your tires sticking past your fenders. Life sucks.

    I've been running 35x12.5R17 on my JKUR for a couple of years, and the tires stick on about 1 - 1 1/2 inches past my bushwackers. So far, no issues. I figure I'm going to be past that on stock JLUR fenders with a 13.5 and a wheel with 4.75" backspacing. Any idea on how far out the tires will stick?

    I could go 12.5 again, but it seems I'd be limited to 37s at that point.

    I'm looking at the Metalcloak Gamechanger 3.5" lift, Pro Comp Series 89 wheel, and a 38x13.5R17 tire... possibly a 39, but that might be too big for my DD. I could go down to 37x12.5R17.


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    Same for me with tires and fenders. You might know your axle width, so with the rest of your information you can figure out how much they will stick out, at least close to that

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